Inkwell Originals is the in-house creative studio of Inkwell Modern Handmade, a retail store and letterpress studio in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada that opened in 2011. The studio is operated by partners in life and business, graphic designers Andrea Rahal and Daniel MacDonald. They started Inkwell Originals line of stationery and paper goods when they purchased their first letterpress in 2010.

Today, the charming and tactile feel of letterpress continues in the work created by Inkwell Originals, which includes greeting cards, invitations, prints and coasters, just to name a few. Their original designs use a combination of hand drawn elements and illustrations on the computer, all of which make their way, one sheet at a time through the hand-powered presses that Andrea and Daniel operate.

The designs of Inkwell Originals are inspired by their location close to the ocean, driven by creative spirit and shared with people down the street and around the world.

Letterpress is a centuries-old printing process that uses a cast iron printing press. The presses are hand powered and the paper is fed by hand, which takes time and requires a high degree of skill. The end result is a charming and tactile impression in the paper. The classic feel and finish of letterpress paper takes printing back to an era of quality and craftsmanship.

The presses:

Inkwell also offers custom letterpress printing of personal stationery, business cards, event invitations, posters and art prints.

We approach letterpress printing as an art form. We enjoy the hands-on approach to printing and work with clients to create unique, hand printed pieces. Interested in letterpress printing? Check out our FAQ’s to answer any question you may have.